Is Allsome halal certified?

No. Allsome is Muslim-friendly as we do not use ingredients that contains pork and alcohol. 


Do you use preservatives in your products?

No. Allsome is preservative-free. 


How do I place a large order (e.g. for small party or corporate gifting)?

You may contact us at admin@theallsome.com. One of us will get in touch with you.



Gelato / Gelato Sandwich


Do you have sugar-free flavour?

No. We believed in making gelato in the most pure and traditional way. Allsome's gelato are 60% lesser in sugar. You may enjoy them without guilt.


How to best store gelato pint/ gelato sandwich?

Store the gelato in freezer immediately when you receive from our delivery partner or when you reach home for best quality. If the gelato had been left out for awhile, it would be best to keep in the freezer for at least 45mins to 1 hour.


What is the best consumed period?

For your best enjoyment, we recommend consuming the gelato within a week once the tub was opened. If gelato pint has not been open, we recommend keeping it for no more than one month. 



Chocolate Coated Almond

What kind of almond are you using?

We are using imported California’s raw almond from U.S.


What is the chocolate that you use to coat the almond?

We use the finest Belgian's Callebaut Chocolate for the coating. Dark, Gold & White.